About us

Toijala’s gymnastics and sports ToVoLi ry began its activities in April 1924, back then going by the name Toijala’s female gymnastics. 

ToVoLi’s activities usually are concentrated at the address Kurkelantie 9 which we call by the name Venneri. Venneri includes an office and three special gyms where we arrange varied sports mostly in the middle of the week and sometimes in the weekends. Sports for kids and youth are arranged at the locations such as schools sports halls and Toijala’s Monitoimihalli (Köyvärintie 3, Akaa). 

The extent of our workouts is very wide at the moment there is always something to everyone. Our schedule contains licenced Les Mills classes, inside bike riding and lots of other group excersises. A great amount of workouts requires a great amount of ambitious coaches and of course management whom are able to volunteer for ToVoLi.

ToVoLi is well aged and is always keeping up with different sport trends. Akaa and the towns near by can enjoy everything ToVoLi has to offer hopefully for the next 100 years too. We strongly recommend to follow our posts and join us, we are always keeping the bar low!